Tuesday, 16 August 2011


In this Teal'c-centric episode, the team travel back to Chulak, officially to try and retrieve a larval goa'uld symbiote, unofficially so Teal'c can see his son Rya'c and stop him from being implanted with one of said symbiotes. We learn a lot about Teal'c, and I think Christopher Judge was probably pleased to be allowed to do anything other than raise his eyebrow, cock his head, and say "Indeed". He does a very good job of showing Teal'c's love for his family and his urgency to stop his son becoming a slave to the false gods that abuse his people. As well as his son and wife, Drey'auc (played by Salli Richardson, currently of Eureka fame), we're introduced to master Bra'tac (Tony Amendola), who over the years would become a fan favourite - I know I was always pleased to see his name pop up in opening credits.

My least favourite part of this episode was when Daniel kills the symbiotes in the tank. It seemed like it was done more for immediate story purposes than character development purposes (to get rid of all the other symbiotes on Chulak so there was only the one left to stick into Teal'c), and it feels so out of character. There are no repercussions either, aside from a dirty look from Carter.

Overall this was a strong episode and one that I enjoyed because it brought more humanity and depth to Teal'c, and paved the way for some great episodes and stories to come in future seasons.

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