Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Despite being a clip show, this episode has a story of its own when senator Kinsey, chairman of the appropriations committee, comes to see if he thinks the Stargate programme is worth keeping. It's actually 15 minutes before we see a clip, and only a handful of scenes (including one from the 1994 film) are shown - well, there hadn't been many episodes to show clips of by this point. The episode also helps set up the situation for the finale, continuing (loosely) from the previous episode, There But For the Grace of God.

Ronny Cox makes his first appearance as senator Kinsey, and does a great job of making such an unlikeable, hateful character. From what I've read and heard on audio commentaries, Ronny is actually a really nice man, and good guitarist. It must be difficult to put on a totally different persona like that - I know acting's all about that, but I think actors probably usually have experience or something they can draw on to get the role right.

There's not a lot to say about this episode, it being a clip show and largely being confined to one room on set. I'm looking forward to the season finale and moving onto season 2, though.

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